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For Shrimp and Fish Farms


About DO+

Dissolved OxygenPlus is accelerating the smooth transition from traditional techniques employed in the aquaculture sector to the integration of modernized, profitable and sustainable methods ranging from farming to quality harvest. Our aim is to maximize client satisfaction and profitability without compromising the natural eco-system and sustainable future of aqua farming. Our flagship product Sprinkler Aerator which has gone through stringent field trials and research strives to achieve this feat by ensuring the sufficient supply of oxygen in the farm for proper growth and well being of the animals cultured. Sprinkler Aerator have enhanced the quality and life of both the farm and the farmers by considerably reducing the cost of production by up to 75% through power saving. With the constant research and development done in this field we are close to achieving zero energy consumption through solar power. The success of various farmers across the Nation stand testimony to what Dissolved OxygenPlus stands for and aims to impact lives of many Aquaculturists across the globe through this product.

"Redefining Aeration in Aquaculture"


Sprinkler Aerator

Aeration with sprinklers, the water comes out from the nozzle with high velocity and falls into the water in drops, thus contacting the air on a large surface and dissolving oxygen from it. When the water drops hit the water surface of the pond turbulence occurs increasing the diffusion of air into the water. The water jet nozzle is directed down into the water at specified angle, helps to mix DO to the bottom of the pond and creating a regular flow of water. Water jet nozzle, placed parallel will help to maintain a steady stream throughout the pond.

For Fish Farms

Sprinkler Aerator for fish, our latest flagship product is a giant new step towards profitable, sustainable and eco-friendly aqua-farming. Custom made to tailor to the need of each of our client’s pond requirements. We pride ourselves in achieving the impossible when it comes to providing the best in class aeration to all varieties of fishes reared. With Version two of sprinkler Aerators we have designed our product to address not just the major issues of aquaculture but also those that are recent and often forgotten in the current age of fish rearing. From removal of harmful gases to improving Dissolved Oxygen levels we cater to the growing needs of each aquafarmer across the globe. We take up sustainable farming as our primary objective and we wish to achieve this feat by minimizing energy consumption by 50% thus saving the earth and our clients profit margins.

Why Sprinkler Aerator?



Media Partners

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On behalf of PULSUS Conferences, we proudly presents “World Congress on Aquaponics and Aquaculture” held on December 09-10, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain. The conference will be revolved around the theme “Technological Evolution of Aquaponics and Aquaculture”.

Aquaponics and Aquaculture is an emerging field binding the fisheries and agriculture for reducing the demand of organic food caused by the over population, protecting the environment, balancing the ecosystem by solving the shortages of water and land resources all around the world. Based on the report from various research Industries/Companies, Aquaponics land and water requirement is 90% less and the growth period of crops is around
40 days lesser than the yield by agriculture method. Improving the utilization of Nitrogen in Aquaponics by the introduction of algal-bacterial consortia has resulted in increase of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) by 13.79%. This also shows some good quality in the production by Aquaponics due to algae bacterial assimilation.


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